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About Bridgette Haywood

"Getting to know me":
Growing up in the small town of Willis, Texas, my family's morals were centered around the notion that hard work and dedication will always pay off in the end. And that has been the foundation of my beliefs to this day. My family taught me that everything that you do in life happens because YOU do it. I am here, not only as a real estate agent, but someone who you can depend on to be that fiery flame to get you to the next step in life - owning your dream home - through my undying passion, hard work, and determination to succeed. I have always appreciated being the person in people's lives that they can count and depend on, and I’d love to be that person for you too.

"My loves":
I absolutely love long road trips and the beautiful scenery that it brings to imaginative minds. I love to spend my free time working on DIY projects because I have such a fun time doing hands-on activities. However, my number one ranking love in life would have to be cooking.

"Why I chose Real Estate":
I have always wanted to pursue real estate and I have finally made my debut! What I most love about real estate is the consistent activity that it brings day to day - rather it's keeping me busy at home, busy in the office, or busy on the road - I'm always active. When I think of real estate, I admire the certain authority and control it allows you to have over your life and how the manner in which you conduct yourself truly represents you, since you are your own walking business. It’s all about your control and how you decide you want your hard work in life to be measured. Personally, building new relationships and challenging all limits to make others happy when they step through the door of their new home will always give me that satisfying feeling of completion, because I know that I played such a big part in making that happen. I am complete when you are home.

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